Surprisingly Competent Media


Film Torments: Robo-Dog (2015)

THIS TIME on Torments, Dan takes a look at some doggy wog filmo bong. The cottage industry of straight-to-video dog films has been churning out releases since the advent of Beethoven and Air Bud – sickly-sweet family films...


Film Torments: Supergirl (1984)

THIS TIME on Torments, Dan looks at a forgotten lesson in comic book atrocities. There was a time when superhero movies were a marquee event. When the original Superman hit cinemas in 1979, comic...


The Get Down: Real talk, it’s dope.

WHEN BAZ LUHRMANN directs the pilot it’s little to no wonder what could have been a very documentary-esque drama becomes a myth out of time. A heady mix of a bankrupt and burnt out New...